HMI Technologies is world leading in custom-built Intelligent Transport Systems, an end to end solutions provider, we design and manufacture hardware and software to exceed quality specifications and service expectations. We specialise in a range of products including variable message signs, speed activated signs, speed indication devices, motorway signalling, modem/network based systems and other electronic signage. 

Our research and development and business development teams are some of Asia Pacific's most knowledgeable, capable of designing and designing cutting edge solutions to keep pace with tomorrow's transport needs. We are regional experts in deploying autonomous vehicles and state of the art transport technology.  

HMI thrives on challenges…..amongst our achievements we have produced a 75m long variable message sign on the NZX building in Wellington, and over 400 variable message signs for the Auckland motorway network.

However, no job is too small. As designers and manufacturers of our own product lines we are able to customise to suit the requirements of any client, regardless of size.

Two large adjacent commercial properties allow us the space and flexibility to carry out research and development, testing and manufacturing required to achieve and maintain market leading innovations. When combining our capacity we are one of New Zealand’s largest electronic manufacturing sites.

Awarded the “Safe and Socially Responsible” Company Award by the NZ Community and Safety and Injury Prevention Awards 2008, HMI is proud to be the local manufacturers of popular safety equipment such as the School Zone Signs (2500 installed throughout NZ) and Speed Indication Devices (180 installed throughout NZ) widely used in New Zealand.